Have You Ever Had an Irritating Skin Problem?

How have you treated it? Lets have a look at commonly-asked questions and a few enlightening answers!
Dermikelp® Cream contains the natural active ingredient CEM-K which is a kelp extract. Tests have shown that CEM-K has both anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, making it the ideal first-line treatment for uncomplicated skin conditions.
By ‘troubling skin condition’ we’re referring to redness of the skin, inflammation, itching and rashes among other symptons.
Yes it is. Eczema is a chronic skin disorder that may involve scaly and itchy rashes, and atopic ecezema is the most common. This type of eczema is usually due to a hypersensitive reaction (similar to an allergy) which leads to inflammation, and can be triggered by pollen, animal fur, stress, dry skin, fragrances, allergies… the list goes on.
We suggest trying the mildest, safest clinically proven first: new Dermikelp® Cream.
Firstly, Dermikelp® Cream is irritant free. The last thing you want to do to an irritated skin, is to irritate it even more, not so? Moreover, Dermikelp Cream is suitable for long-term use, unlike many of the other creams available.
Comparative clinical tests have shown that Dermikelp® Cream showed similar results to those achieved with hydrocortisone and prednicarbate in the treatment of erythema (a redness of the skin)
Yes. Dermikelp® Cream is approved for use on all ages. It is non-greasy, fragnance-free, paraben-free, and most importantly, cortisone-free itch relief. Use it with peace of mind. And remember, if the problem persists, consult with your medical practitioner.